Terms and Conditions

1.0: Applicability of Terms

1.1. JeksCars hereby imposes the following terms and conditions (the “terms") for acceptance by persons, corporations, companies and any other legal entitiy (the “User”)intending to utilise JeksCars’s Internet sales Service for used cars and other goods or items (the” Service”) Any User irrevocably accepts these terms by utilising or agreeing to utilise the Service.

2.0: Ambit of and Alterations to the Terms

2.1. The Terms apply to the relationship between JeksCars and to the User of the Service. Both JeksCars and the User shall strictly adhere to the Terms.

2.2. Where JeksCars intends changing the Terms it shall notify the User of any such changes by the means of one of the means of communication as permitted herein. If the User does not indicate that they do not accept changes by the time they next use the Service, or within one week of notification of said changes, whichever is the sooner, the User will be deemed to have accepted the changes.

3.0: Communications

3.1. Except where otherwise provided herein all, communications between JeksCars and the User shall be via e-mail, via general postings on the Service website, or by other means accepted by JeksCars.

3.2. Where communication is carried out by e-mail, said notification is deemed complete when the e-mail is sent to the User's e-mail address.

3.3. Where communication is carried out via general postings to the Service website, User notification is deemed complete once it has been posted to the website..

3.4. Once a communication has been completed as per 3.2 and/or 3.3 notification as in (2) or (3) above has been completed it shall be deemed effective immediately.

3.5. The User is under a strict obligation to examine all communications form JeksCars forthwith upon them being emailed or posted to the website. because they are legally binding and effective from that time.

4.0: Laws Relating to the Relationship

4.1. The relationship between JeksCars and the User and all matters of interpretation relating to the rights and obligations of the parties arising hereunder or in any other way shall be governed by the laws of Japan and the Japanese Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

5.0: Alternative Dispute Resolution

5.1. In the event of a dispute arising between JeksCars and the User both parties hereby agree to use reasonable endeavours to resolve such dispute via negotiation or mediation.

5.2. If the negotiation or mediation is not successful in resolving any dispute dispute then JeksCars and the User agree to submit the dispute to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nagoya District Court or the Nagoya Summary Court.

6.0: InformationTechnology and other Requirments

6.1. The User will be obligated to obtain all information technology and ancilliarry services, computer programs and equipment required to utilise the Service.

7.0: User Information

7.1. The User shall notify forthwith any change or alteration to User information such as User name, address, telephone number, and other information provided to JeksCars and JeksCars shall have no liability for any loss caused or contributed to by a failure to comply with this obligation.

8.0: Conduct of User

8.1. The User shall not carry on business in any way utilise the Servise in a manner that may or could constitute an infriggement of the laws of Japan or the country of domicile or residence of the User or any other country to which the vehicles are being shipped.

8.2. The User shall not breach copyright in any information obtained through utilisation of the Service.

9.0: Payment

9.1. Payment for vehicles or goods purchased and all additional costs and charges payable to JeksCars shall be made in United States Dollar (USD) by electronic transfer to the account as nominated by JeksCars.

9.2. Payment shall be deemed to have occurred when the cleared funds for all costs and charges due and payable are received into the account nominated by JeksCars.

9.3. Payment in full for all vehicles and goods shall be made within 5 days of purchase. If payment is not received with in this time the vehicle can be sold without further notice.

10.0: Termination of Contract

10.1. JeksCars reserves the right to cancel all contractual arrangements with the User at any time including access to the Service whether before or after the User has agreed to purchase vehicles or goods provided however that in the event of cancellation after vehicles or goods have been purchased User shall only be liable for payment of monies due if JeksCars elects at its sole discretion to ship the vehicles or goods.

10.2. JeksCars may elect at its sole discretion to supply vehicles or goods purchased by the User whether or not it has cancelled the contract with the User or the access of the User to the Service provided however that the User shall not be liable to pay for any vehicles or goods that JeksCars has declined to ship to the User.

11.0: Shipping Information

11.1. JeksCars shall provide the User with all relevant shipping information once all charges due and payable have been paid in full and the information has been received by JeksCars.

12.0: Ownership and Title to Goods

12.1. All vehicles and goods remain the property of JeksCars until all costs and charges due and payable are received by JeksCars in full.

13.0: Transfer of Risk

13.1. The risk of loss or damage to vehicles and goods transfers forthwith to the User upon title and ownership passing to the User.

14.0: Limitation of Liability

14.1. JeksCars shall not be liable for any loss or damage of a direct and/or indirect and/or consequential nature that may result to the User as a result of the User utilising the Service. 14.2 The User shall be fully responsible for ensuring that all vehicles or goods purchased are suited to the market to which they are to be shipped or sent and that they are suitable for their intended purpose.

15.0: Sole Warranty

15.1. JeksCars warrants that vehicles and goods are as advertised or described on the website, as regards make, model, year of manufacture and the actual displayed reading of the odometer.

15.2: No other warranty other than that given in 15.1 hereof is given by JeksCars.

15.3. In the event of a vehicle being shown to not comply with this warranty by evidence satisfactory to JeksCars in its sole discretion the compensation payable by JeksCars shall be equivalent to the difference between the value of the vehicle in Japan if accurately described and the actual price paid for the vehicle.

16.0: Termination of Service

16.1. JeksCars may terminate or suspend operation of the Service generally and/or its availability to the User at any time solely in its own discretion and on no account may any claim be brought against it for such termination or suspension.

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