Frequently Asked Questions about Importing Japanese Cars Direct

Do I need to be a member to view the stock lists?
Membership is not required for viewing the stock lists or any of the information pages. You can view the stock lists 24 hours a day at will.

How do I find a particular vehicle that I wish to buy?
You can check the vehicles in category form, i.e. sedans, buses, trucks, etc., or type in a keyword in the quick search field such as: "Corolla, Dyna, Pajero, etc." and find vehicles in our stock with these words associated. You can restrict the search by using our advance search function.

How can I be certain of the condition of the vehicles?
All vehicles are checked by our expert buyers before they are purchased. Once the vehicles arrive to our stock yard our expert mechanics will check the vehicles for any faults. The grading of the vehicles are then confirmed and posted on our web site.

How do I order a vehicle that I saw on the lists?
Click on the "view" button which will take you to a page with photos and more details of the vehicle. On this photo page you will find a button titled "Order this vehicle!" Click on this button to proceed to the order form.

What if the vehicle I need is not in your stock?
Our stock is changing every day. You can check our stock lists daily or send us details of the vehicle you require by e-mail. Be sure to include details such as the make/model names, year model (or range of years), fuel type (petrol or diesel), transmission (manual or automatic), and a rough estimate of your total budget in U.S. dollar currency (we will take into account freight and insurance within your budget).

How do I get an invoice for payment?
An invoice is automatically issued when you complete the order form. The invoice can be displayed and printed as soon as you complete the last steps of the order form.

Why do I have to pay freight before shipment?
The shipping companies will not accept vehicles on FOB basis (i.e. freight to be paid on arrival of the vessel).

What does insurance cover?
Insurance covers for any marine accidents. If the vessel sinks, catches fire, or meets with an accident during its voyage with your vehicle then you risk the loss of the cost of your vehicle as well as the freight portion. For an extra US$100 per vehicle, it is good sense and peace of mind to insure your vehicle. JeksCars insures its vehicle under one open policy.

How can I send payment?
Payment is preferred by telegraphic transfer through your bankers to our bankers. This is the fastest and most convenienent method available for us. Western Union is also acceptable however payments must be in the name of the following individual: James Anthony Hanna.

I need your bank account details?

The bank account details will appear on the invoice. You can make total payment in accordance with the instructions on the invoice. Please check with us first before making payment not in accordance with the instructions on the invoice. For your information the bank account details are as below:

Account Number:7924831

Don't forget to send a copy of the transfer receipt and confirm the following by e-mail:

 1 - name of the sender (you)
 2 - address of the sender
 3 - name of country where funds were sent from
 4 - money transfer control number (MTCN)

These four details above are very important in order to receive the money. Please ensure the spelling of receiver's name and sender's name are without errors.

Can I pay in installments (are part payments acceptable)?
Yes, we can accept partial payments however the vehicle will not be reserved or shipping procedures will not begin until 100% full payment of the invoice value is received.

Can I pay a deposit for the vehicle and the balance when the vehicle arrives at the port of destination?
No, we do not allow this type of service. We require 100% full payment of the invoice value before any vehicle is shipped.

How can we trust your company to deliver the vehicle we order after we pay?
We are a most trustworthy company who has been in the export business in Japan for more than 20 years. Currently we are exporting more than 2,000 vehicles per month. Our reputation is very strong with all the local shipping companies, customs/forwarding agents, car auction houses, and of course with many clearing agents overseas. We are also members of many institutions in Japan such as the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce (Member No. 0729957), JETRO (Japan Export Trade Research Organisation), etc.

How do I ship my vehicle?
JeksCars will arrange the shipment of your vehicle. You don't need to do anything other than wait for your shipping documents.

Can you ship the vehicle to my country?
We can ship the vehicles to most ports in the world. You should advise us the closest port to your country if you live in a land-locked region. Inland transportation should be arranged with your local clearing/forwarding agent.

How long does shipment take?
Shipment will depend on the destination, availability of vessels, the shipping companies' schedules, and if any inspection is required prior to shipment. Contact one of our sales staff to confirm approximate delivery times.

What shipping documents will I receive?
A customs invoice issued by JeksCars, a Bill of Lading, and depending on the countries concerned, an inspection certificate, and an export certificate may be required. In some cases no documents will be sent by courier if the vessels voyage takes less than 2 weeks. Since some courier companies can't deliver within this time frame then the documents will be scanned and sent to you by e-mail. The original Bill of Lading will be returned to the shipping company and they will advise their agent to release the vehicle to you upon identification and copies of the shipping documentation.

How and when will I receive my shipping documents?
The shipping documents will be sent to you by courier. It is important that you supply us with your correct address to receive the shipping documents in order. Shipping documents can also be sent direct to your nominated clearing agent. This will save you time and costs, as well as minimize the risk of loss of documents in transit. The shipping documents are available to us after the vessel leaves. The documents are sent usually 2 to 3 days after the shipping date in order that you receive them in time.

How can I track the whereabouts of my vehicle?
You can sign in to your account and confirm shipment details on-line.

Will the vehicle be in good condition to drive?
All our vehicles are checked by expert mechanics. Oil, water, brakes, and basic mechanical functions will be checked however we strongly recommend you arrange a full engine tune-up before taking the vehicle on long trips. It is just to ensure the vehicle's longer life.

What if I have a claim about the vehicle or service?
JeksCars will do everything within its power to ensure the vehicles are delivered in best condition, within a reasonable time, and as smooth as possible. Should there be any problems you are welcome to discuss with JeksCars staff to arrange a satisfactory solution. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction.

Will I receive the service book (car manual) in English language?

The service books in Japan are all in Japanese language. This is logical since the official language in Japan is Japanese. The car makers in Japan do not offer service manuals in English language for sale in Japan. You can try the following links for service manuals for many different model Japanese vehicles:

Who pays Bank charges?
The client (sender) should pay all bank charges, including our banker's charges. Please request your bankers to ensure that full invoice amount is paid to our bank acocunt, and instruct them to send the payment DIRECT to our bankers, not through a New York bank.

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