Importing Japanese Vehicles to Papua New Guinea

Important Notice

As of January 1st, 2010, Mr. Brian Riches, Chief Executive Office of PNG Ports has declared the following in relation to the import of used vehicles into the ports of Port Moresby and Lae:

  1. All motor vehicles entering the ports of Port Moresby and Lae will require the vehicles to be pre-cleared (customs duty paid) prior to the motor vehicle being allowed to be discharged. Should a shipping line permit a motor vehicle to be discharged contrary to this rule the subject Line will be required to back-load the motor vehicle at the Lines expense on the first available vessel of return to the port of loading.
  2. The following motor vehicle consignees will be exempted from this condition;
    • Boroko Motors
    • PNG Motors
    • Ela Motors
    • Niu Ford
  3. Should the shipping line not follow this condition of berthing PNG Ports Corporation reserves the right (without notice) to impose further measures to manage the importation of second hand motor vehicles.

The basic meaning of the above notice is that all private importers purchasing their vehicles direct from overseas must pay the import duty for their vehicle prior to arrival of the vessel. You will then need to show a receipt as evidence to the shipping agent in order to have your vehicle released from the vessel.

If you have not paid the import duty before the vessel arrives then your vehicle will remain on the vessel and will be shipped back to the country of origin. So what will happen if this situation occurs? You will have the choice to have the exporter re-ship your vehicle at a further cost of freight and you will have to ensure that the import duty is pre-paid before the next vessel arrives. It is more than likely the shipping company will charge you for the return freight cost as well, therefore all in all, you will pay three times the cost of the normal freight rate to receive the vehicle if you miss the first delivery date. The only other option is to refuse to re-ship and you will lose your vehicle and money.

Please plan well ahead and ensure you have the funds to pay import duty before you buy a vehicle direct from an overseas country.

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